WTFaqs- Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need Prints and Albums?

“We will be the forgotten generation.
A generation of digital photos and selfies and usb drives and smart phones lost to history when the computer dies and pixels disappear forever. Our children will have nothing to hold in their hands when we are gone. Our great-grand-nieces will never happen across our portrait in a box filled of family memories and marvel at our style and strength or look closely to see if she can find, in our face, something familiar in hers. The simple act of having your portrait made; it is a Time Machine. It is the way in which, all future generations will have a very real and tangible connection to us long after we have left them.
We will be the forgotten generation unless we recognize how important it is to #PrintYourPhotos.”

We live in a digital world where the things we see are only remembered about as long as we are actually looking at them. Albums and prints are the opposite of the transient nature of the internet. So regardless of whether you are looking through your wedding album for the very first time or your great-grandchildren flip through it 80 years from now all of the love, joy and drunken dance moves from your day will be right there. It’s one of the most meaningful and important items you will ever invest in.

This is the reason that I believe it is so important to print your images, that I include a print or printed product with each package and that I encourage you to let me make an heirloom album of your wedding for you. It’s also the reason that I offer a 15% discount on print, product and album orders when you come in to see your photos for the first time.


I see a lot of candids on your website but do you also photograph details and family group photos?
Absolutely! You can get a better sense of this by looking through the weddings in the blog. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever have another chance to get photos with all these people from so many parts of your life so I embrace that! All those details you spent so much time planning and creating are expressions of your style and are an important part of telling the story of your day. I also like to capture little details that are unique to the location of the wedding because I think those unintentional details add so much character and are probably part of the reason you chose the location you did.

Do you require a retainer or deposit to reserve our date?
Yes, like all professional photographers, I do. It’s a simple flat fee of just $300 to book your date no matter which package you go with! The retainer is non-refundable but if you have to move the date we might be able to reschedule.

Do you have insurance?
Absolutely! I’m fully insured,  licensed with the state (paying taxes, yay!) and I’m also a member of the Professional Photographer’s Association. But beyond just the business side of things I also have backups of everything- From cameras, lenses and flashes to memory cards and batteries. All my computer files are backed up to the cloud in real-time so even your photos have a backup!

What happens if you get sick or break both of your legs?

Well, this is one of the reasons that the second photographers I work with are all professionals as well. I work with people who’s personalities and abilities are complimentary to mine so that no matter what you’re always going to be in good hands. I’ll locate a second photographer to work with my replacement, coordinate the handoff of all information and notes and you’ll barely even notice a glitch (minus the gaping hole the absence of my smiling face will undoubtedly leave, but I’m sure you’ll all find a way to carry on without me).

Do you always shoot with a second photographer?

Yes – having two photographers means fewer missed moments, the freedom to be more creative and allows us to cover more of the action. This means that while I’m off taking photos of the two of you, there’ll be a whole set of photos from things happening elsewhere that you otherwise would never have seen!

Do you know any other fun wedding vendors?
oh boy DO I! I’m pretty active in the community and love working on side projects with some of the areas most badass professionals. Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll hook you up with some names and maybe even some discounts!

When and how do we get our photos?

Your photos will be ready in about 4 weeks. There’s no limit on how many photos will be delivered but depending on how much action there is at your event and how long we are there for it can be anywhere between 450-800 images. The images are edited and will be a mix of color and black and white photos. The images will be available in an online gallery that you can share with your guests and they will be able to download watermarked, web-ready images for free. They can also order their own prints and products from the gallery as well, so you don’t have to worry about all that.
You’ll receive your print-ready images on a USB drive.

Gah! That’s SO many photos! How am I going to get through them let alone choose?!

Don’t worry! To see your photos for the first time we’ll make a date to have you come in to my studio together. I’ll have some drinks, snacks and a dark room waiting for you where you get to see some of the best photos from your celebration as you see your album design for the first time. Afterwards, I’ll walk you through ordering your album and any other things you’d like to have printed so that when you leave, everything will already be done and you won’t have to add a single thing to your to-do list! Even better, I offer a one-time-only 15% discount during this visit so you’re also welcome to invite family along for the viewing and ordering!