Women of Color Get Married Too….

… though if you were to look through Pinterest and go only off what you find in your searches for “wedding inspo” you’d have a hard time believing that. In fact you’d have a hard time believing anyone fat gets married or anyone over the age of 24 or anyone transgender… basically anyone who’s just a normal human being trying to have a party to celebrate their love and their community.
It has to fucking stop.
The wedding industry has to do better than churning out the same whitewashed, generic, sameness.
I could never write about it so perfectly (or with the kind of heartbreaking first hand experience) as some people so you should just check out the story of how this beautiful project came together through the ideas and voice of local writer Jagger Blaec. Below are links to two articles that came from this styled shoot where we explored how goddamned easy (and *gasp* Pinterest worthy) it is when we put a little thought in to the kinds of wedding inspo we put out into the world.

The Woke Wedding

Not Enough Local Wedding Professionals Cater to People of Color—So I Made it My Mission to Find Those That Do

What It Looks Like When “Diversity” Is More Than Just a Word
The Wedding Industry Has Work To Do

Photography: Beth Olson- @twistedaisleweddings Models:Kanda Mbenza-Ngoma @kmbenzangoma
Ashleigh Elizabeth @ashleighelizabethc
Rentals: Pilar Ilo- @vintagemingle https://www.vintagemingle.com
Sherine Iskandar- @vintagemeetsmodern

Drinks&Catering: Mary Beth Johnson- @heartofcelebration www.heartofcelebration.com
Dresses: Ania Bridal- @aniabridal www.aniabridal.com
Hair: Kendra Jones- @beauty_embodiment or @beauty_tailored

Makeup: Peter Asio- @mr.ladymua
Rayna Thomas- Insta: @raynaxoxo
Planner: Justine Broughal- @together.events
Venue: Urban Studio- @pearlcateringodx
Cakes: Kristina Cortez- @tierpdx
loral: Saria Abubo Dy- @rueanafel www.rueanafel.com 


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