Unmentionable: A Lingerie Exposition photos

I have the opportunity to work pretty closely with some of the most stunning fashion designers the Northwest has to offer and Portland is a hot spot for local production which is really fucking important for the economy and turns out, pretty fucking exciting for fashion enthusiasts too!

The stunning powerhouse combo of Elizabeth Mollo, Siren Nation‘s December Carson and Mag-Big‘s Cassie Ridgway apparently threw together this exciting event one night over a bottle of wine. As I’ve said before… I strongly believe BOOZE is the mother of all invention. Hopefully we’ll see this show back again next year.

Unmentionable-Fashion-Show-Portland-Secret-Society-BethOlsonCreative-033Unmentionable-Fashion-Show-Portland-Secret-Society-BethOlsonCreative-052    Unmentionable-Fashion-Show-Portland-Secret-Society-BethOlsonCreative-105Unmentionable-Fashion-Show-Portland-Secret-Society-BethOlsonCreative-059 Unmentionable-Fashion-Show-Portland-Secret-Society-BethOlsonCreative-117 Unmentionable-Fashion-Show-Portland-Secret-Society-BethOlsonCreative-142 Unmentionable-Fashion-Show-Portland-Secret-Society-BethOlsonCreative-154

The full set of looks from the show:

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