Sorcha + Micah’s Cape Meares Oregon Coast Wedding

These two wormed their way into my heart right from our very first email exchange and convinced me to drive the 2 hours each way to the coast for a little backyard ceremony and BBQ in an old schoolhouse on what turned out to be a sunny Tuesday in September. If you know anything about the Oregon coast, you know what a miracle that is.

This celebration didn’t feel like it was really about the decor or the florals or the venue, it was about all the people who also made that drive to see them get married. Sorcha (a budding photographer, herself) gave me free reign to do as I pleased and that allowed me to really focus completely on the connections, relationships and laughter these humans share with each other and to capture some images that are among my favorites I’ve ever documented. Be sure to check out those precious moments the bride was able to spend breastfeeding her daughter while getting ready; Images she really wanted captured and shared. #NormalizeBreastfeeding

Alright, so don’t be misled by all that sappy emotional stuff though, there were tons of awesome details to this little day at the beach that made me smile. Of course the bride’s colorful hair and tattoos are striking but I also loved the little things like the paper flower bouquets, the origami boats, the driftwood backdrop at the altar, the intricate gold leaf wedding cake Sorcha and a friend created, and the buttons everyone got to choose which were all as unique as their personalities. Someone picked out a camera for me and I selected a pair of unicorns, of course. As I mentioned there were some pretty amazing moments during the day too, and I’m not just talking about when the brides father (in his kilt) held a fire breathing performance at sunset. We definitely did a giant bride/tiny wedding party photo a la “Awkward Family Photos”. We definitely nabbed some eye melting sunset photos just as it set into the ocean; And when everyone at the ceremony put their hands on the couple in a display of positive energy, good wishes and community it was so powerful there wasn’t a dry eye… well, at least not mine. Enjoy!

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