Olivia + Rob’s Romantic Metal Wedding at Historic Overlook House

I really loved the style at this wedding. Olivia and Rob obviously put a lot of thought into how to make the wedding a reflection of their personalities. There was the dark romantic table decor, wedding party karaoke, tattoo laden guests, remarkably gorgeous bridal shoes, richly colored florals, and beautifully fresh food. But those are just the things that were planned.

The most wonderful reflection of who these two are as a couple happened in the delightful small moments throughout the day. The group of bridesmaids helping the bride use the restroom. The sweet and funny stories behind some of their tattoos. The surprise attendance of the groom’s dad. The hysterical laughter when the officiant accidentally tried to marry the bride off to the wrong guy. An older family member who got roped into belting out Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”. The spontaneous line dancing- high heels and all. A sunset who’s light made everything look like it was on fire. A grandma who rocked out on the dancefloor with the best of them. The bride’s commitment to acting out “Time Warp” right down to the floor. The groom’s mom’s martial arts inspired bouquet saving moves. And, perhaps my most favorite moment, the end-of-the-night dance floor cuddle puddle that had the groom giggling in a very UN-metal like manner. Enjoy!

Huge thanks to these guys for helping make this day so badass:
Planning: Danna Cole of Pearl and Roses Wedding Planning
Floral: Swoon Floral Design
Desserts: New Seasons
Caterer: The Lamb’s Table Catering
DJ: Chad Dowling




One thought on “Olivia + Rob’s Romantic Metal Wedding at Historic Overlook House

  1. Rob, I really enjoyed looking at your wedding pics!!! Looks like it was fun! Congratulations to you both!!

    Much Love & Respect,

    Jay Donohue

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