Nicole + Scott’s Guerilla-style, Summer Solstice Wedding Weekend

Man. I’m a total sucker for love stories that start with people going their separate ways early on and then years later reconnecting at just the right time in their lives; Nicole and Scott’s story is no exception. These two came up from Eugene to get married in Portland where they have family. With sort of last minute notice (in the wedding world, anyway) we didn’t have a chance to do their engagement photos before the wedding was upon us, so we decided to go out on Saturday to explore the waterfront and the Portland Saturday Market to get a little practice before their wedding that Monday.

Dramatic clouds and bursts of sunshine made for a really enjoyable morning and the way they crack each other up constantly is almost a better way to start your day than a good cup of coffee.
They didn’t have any very specific plans for the where or when or how of the actual wedding and asked me to pick a spot that was near water and out in nature. No pressure, right? I had a pretty good idea though so I stopped by one of my favorite places in Portland to scope it out and find the perfect backdrop for their union.

We met on Monday with their friends and family at HUB brewery for a pre-wedding feast and then headed over to Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden for a laid-back hand-fasting ceremony under a giant willow tree at the edge of the pond. Couple all this with the fact that it was the Summer Solstice with a very rare Solstice full moon rising just as the ceremony ended… It was all just totally, insanely good. Enjoy!

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