M+K’s Hobbit Beach Oregon Coast Small Wedding

M+K’s small family wedding was really unique. We spent a lot of the day exploring spots along the Oregon Coast for photos. The first stop was at a super scenic little spot called Bob’s Creek Beach that had all kinds of gorgeous rock formations to climb around on and a stone beach that wasn’t great for laying out and catching some sun but looked really cool anyway. We headed over to the trailhead to Hobbit Beach which is a bit of a trick to find since there’s not really any road signs and is pretty much just a small parking area on the side of the road near mile marker 177. This little hike down to the hidden Hobbit Beach is like stepping into a movie set complete with moss covered old growth, wind swept coastal trees that look like they couldn’t possibly be real and an especially epic moment as you make your way through a natural foliage tunnel to step out onto the white sand beach.

Following their sweet and tearful ceremony (M kept saying she’s not the sentimental or PDA kind of person but she was filled with so much love that she cried through a lot of the ceremony so I don’t believe her for a second) we headed out to Cook’s Chasm to explore Spouting Horn/Thor’s Well since the tide was low and we’d be able to go out onto the rocks much more safely than when the tide is higher. These ladies were such badasses! They were totally open for anything I wanted to have them do and they even stood up by Thor’s Well for a really long time while we waited for the perfect wave to make an epic photo of them and the Pacific Ocean doing it’s thing.

We headed back to the rental home they had for the family to eat dinner and there were some really wonderful family traditions they incorporated to the celebration. From K’s mom writing a funny and sweet song about their relationship, to a old traditional blessing and chant that required everyone in the room to chime in on the call and response before taking a swig of their drinks. We headed out to the deck overlooking the ocean and played around with some sparklers making words for a final photo set that got everyone involved in this sweet day of family love. Enjoy.
Florals: Florals By Alicia
Cake: Dream Cakes PDX
K’s outfit: Second Summer Bridal (Sacramento)
M’s outfit: Kipper Clothier (San Fransisco)
Officiant: Susan Sanford

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