Big Changes with Sandy Puc at creativeLIVE

Last week I spent 3 days with Sandy Puc and the free education rockstars that make up the creativeLIVE crew. Talk about life changing! With all the support I could ever hope for thanks to the other amazing women who were part of the studio audience and Sandy herself, I’ve seen some major changes happen in just this first week alone.

Sandy’s a baby and family photographer so I could see a lot of odd glances my way when the girl with the shaved head wearing black walked in. But I knew I HAD to be apart of this workshop because Sandy is a master of business and co-branding her various endeavors. Plus she’s totally punk at heart… and just because I wear black doesn’t mean I’m not a huge softy. Seriously, I was the only person without kids there but I still teared up right along with the rest of them.

If you don’t know about creativeLIVE…well…. I could write for years about how amazing they are. Free photography, creative, software and business education workshops that you can purchase if you want to keep them for later reference. Everything I do or have right now in my professional life is thanks to creativeLIVE and their willingness to work hard and share the knowledge of countless pros so that the whole industry… neigh, the whole world benefits.

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