Lifestyle shoot with Natalia

I met Natalia through the Queer Resource Center at PSU where we both worked a couple years ago. She’s amazing and introduced me to Siren Nation which helped set me on the free-wheelin creative path I’m on now. I wanted to test a few ideas I had about mixing natural light and flash so I went to her place and we just sipped tea, hung out and took some photos.

Natalia-Lifestyle-Photographer-Portland-BethOlsonCreative-003x2 Natalia-Lifestyle-Photographer-Portland-BethOlsonCreative-006Natalia-Lifestyle-Photographer-Portland-BethOlsonCreative-018Natalia-Lifestyle-Photographer-Portland-BethOlsonCreative-002x2Natalia-Lifestyle-Photographer-Portland-BethOlsonCreative-039Natalia-Lifestyle-Photographer-Portland-BethOlsonCreative-037Natalia-Lifestyle-Photographer-Portland-BethOlsonCreative-040

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