Lesley + Jordan’s Powell Butte Forest Engagement Session

There are few things the in the world that make me feel more in love or more alive than simple, little, unexpected adventures.

Last weekend I met up with Lesley and Jordan for a little engagement adventure. In true PDX fashion, the weather was grey and threatening to drizzle on our plans to explore around Powell Butte. Regardless, I was looking forward to getting out in the fresh air after nearly 5 weeks of immobility thanks to a faulty gallbladder that needed to be removed Lesley-Jordan-Animatedover the holidays.There was something just stunning about the warm color of the fields and the coolness of the dark skies. It was also fun that from what I can tell these two spend approximately 93% of their time together being goofy and making each other laugh, and me along with them.

I loved every rain-soaked, sweaty hiking, glorious cedar forest filled moment of it. We got a bit off track (ok, maybe there WAS an enourmous sign warning that the path ended ahead and we should go back…) and hiking perhaps a half mile down a path that dead-ended into a corridor of 8 foot security fences -the only thing standing between us and the car! Clearly going back was out of the question and they graciously helped me clamber over the fence in my wet skinny jeans and slippery boots.

I don’t know about them, but I was deliciously exhausted, soaked to the bone and smiling from ear to ear for hours afterwards!

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