Lesley + Jordan’s Camp Namanu Wedding

It’s so awesome to spend the day with couples who’ve put a lot of thought into making their love celebration a reflection of their personalities. That’s not to say that all those camp themed details like Muglies (ugly coffee mugs), hand-made directional signs, name tag making station, A GODDAMNED TALENT SHOW! are necessary to make a celebration memorable but man, it sure is fun to capture people enjoying those things! Top it off with weird old Winnie the Pooh art, vintage wooden camp buildings nestled in the woods, a stunning amphitheater ceremony and a hard-core, late night dance party and you have the makings of an experience that is on par with Lesley and Jordan’s busy and adventurous lifestyle.

If you have a hankering for more photos of these two badasses sans wedding events, you should check out the adventure we had for their engagement photos! Enjoy!



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