Kathleen + Kate’s Blackberry Hall Edgefield Wedding

On June 26th the US supreme court struck down the ban on gay marriage at the national level. On June 27th Kathleen and Kate’s wedding happened out at Edgefield and not even the 83% humidity (!!!!!!!!!) could dampen the extra special sense of excitement in the air. Alternating between infectious laughter and infectious happy-crying I realized just how incredibly lucky these two are to have such a massive support system of friends and family present to share in their joy and celebration. I hope, with all my heart, that this ruling is a big first step to making this kind of scene much more common for other same sex couples and their families in the future.

On a more specific note you should be sure you check out some of these rad details peppered throughout the day: Trading surprise gifts while getting ready! Those custom wedding rings, tho! Dress with pockets? YES! Personalized wine box for the wine box ceremony and family members of all ages that seriously know how to get down! Kate’s facial expression as she comes down the aisle at the moment it sinks in that she’s married! – A HUGE thank you to Jason Quigley for helping capture the day- Enjoy!

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