Kat + Luciano’s Nerdy McMenamin’s Kennedy School Vows Exchange

Kat and Luciano are geeks after my own heart. Tabletop games, superheros, and the usual nerd culture fodder which always seems to spark lively conversations of fantasy, theory and math that “normal” people will politely side-eye and look desperately for a way to get out of. These guys actually got married earlier in the week ON BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY! So, of course, I was totally in love with all the sly little nods to BTTF throughout their vows exchange celebration- like their card box- and I realized, there’s a lot you can take from BTTF and apply directly to romance. I dig it!

The wedding was originally planned to be outdoors but with the rain making it’s comeback it was all moved into the Kennedy School’s gym/ballroom and under the star-shaped lights there was laughter, there were spontaneous symphonies of bubbles, there was a Wonderwoman and Batman cake, there were tears and there was RockBand. Of course, there was RockBand.
I loved that this unique indoor space gave me the opportunity to really play around with lighting and to experiment with mixed light temperature, motion blur, animated gif (see below) and double exposures for some really colorful and fun images. Enjoy!


Badass Wedding Vendors at this wedding include:
Flowers + Greenery: Audrey from The Flower Temple
World’s Most Delicious Cake: JaCiva’s
Brides Dress and Groom’s Suit: Cocoon Silk
Bride’s Sandals: Skechers/Cocoon Silk
Hair + Makeup: Vanessa Huntley @ Red Velvet Parlour
Coordinator: Beth at McMenamin’s Kennedy School

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