Jessica + Natalie’s Rainbow Victorian Belle Wedding

Jessica and Natalie went with a rainbow theme that inspired everything from the wedding party’s outfits to the table full of cakes and cookies to their matching rainbow vest and petticoat they transformed into for the reception. It was a completely wonderful tie in with the colored powder engagement session we had back in September. Obviously I’ve been to a few weddings in my time but they did something during the ceremony I’ve never seen before; they took a moment to create some original art on a handwritten copy of their vows and I thought that was such a cool element.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the Victorian Belle just off the north end of Interstate but if you ever have the pleasure of wandering through this treasure trove of victorian era decor you’ll understand why it’s hard for words or photos to do it much justice. I think that made it the absolute perfect backdrop for their celebration. Where else would it be so perfectly fitting to have an unconventionally colorful wedding, like 500 different desserts, champagne, line dancing, brides playing pool, laughter, tears and S’mores than at the most traditional of vintage homes? The juxtaposition is just too good! Enjoy!


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