Jessica + Michael’s Orange County Wedding

You really can’t ask for a better way to kick off wedding season than to fly out of the rainy Northwest to sunny southern California. Couple that with dear beer-loving friends, a chapel surrounded by a graveyard and the visual madhouse that is Angelo’s and Vinci’s restaurant and you have the perfect mix for a wonderful and weird celebration! Jessica’s family is Armenian and they incorporated some really cool wedding traditions like the Grand entrance and the money dance which had dollar bills flying through the air while the wedding party weaved it’s way around the dance floor. It’s mentioned below but I also thought it was really awesome that Jessica’s mom made the dress using various pieces from her own wedding dress. Enjoy!

Ceremony: Waverley Chapel
Reception: Angelo’s and Vinci’s Ristorante
Dress: Bride’s mom made dress using lace, buttons and bow from her 1972 wedding dress.
Veil: Bride’s mothers
Brides rings: family heirlooms (from grandmothers wedding)
Grooms Ring: black metal from an SR-71 Blackbird
Flowers: Succulent bouquets from Flower Allie


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