Jenn + Jens’ San Francisco City Hall Wedding Adventure

It was a wild week in San Fran with these two! We drank and ate our way across the city by foot, by street car, by bus and more by foot. The day before the wedding was spent meeting people and exploring (and drinking) then with an 11am appointment at, what I’m convinced is, the world’s most beautiful courthouse the day was filled with food and laughter (and more drinking).

I loved the idea of exploring the city the day after the wedding too. That specialness and excitement of what they’d done the day before sparked and wafted around them wherever we went like fairy dust. Through parks, along the waterfront, climbing up trees and yes, even hobbling to the store to get band-aids and ibuprofen for the blisters…Being a part of this incredibly intimate adventure is truly something I’ll never forget and I hope these images allow those friends and family who couldn’t be there, to feel a little closer to the experience.

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