Fault Lines LIVE, Graveyards and PDX microadventures

I love it when friends come to Portland to visit. There’s the promise of a long weekend full of microadventures around your city that you always take for granted and there’s something magical about seeing the old familiar through fresh eyes.

Our friends Jessica and Mike George came for a fall time visit over a long weekend and we did our best to pack it full of fun, food, live music and of course a very old Pioneer Graveyard where we took some impromptu engagement photos. Our friend Cassie sings in Portland’s kickass girl-fronted garage punk band Fault Lines (formerly Angry Orts, they’ve been a fav band of mine since long before the name change or Cassie joined their crew) so of course we had to take J+M to check them out at Mississippi Studios. Throw in our favorite brunch/ bloody mary in town and you have an enviable weekend of staycation goodness!

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