A Badass Backyard BBQ Wedding

In the wedding community it’s generally known that a ‘simple’ backyard wedding especially potluck style can often be far more difficult to pull off than anyone ever imagines. I’m convinced that is because this bride isn’t the one planning all those other backyard potluck weddings. When we met over a year ago to talk about doing photography, she already had a plan of how things were going to be laid out, what time things would start and some of the details that would be involved. Color me impressed!

So on this hot and dramatically overcast afternoon I was delighted by the unusual natural light, the adorable self-serve Bar station, favorite treats in crystal glassware that reminded me of my childhood, more rounds of friends shooting tequila from tiny red solo cups than I can remember, homemade BBQ and pies of all sorts; everything had come together perfectly! If you look closely at the images you might even see my face in there as the bride’s dad challenged my left-arm strength for a selfie with my pro camera. Plus, a very sweet moment caught on video that happened between the groom and Father of the Bride while she was inside putting on her dress, that had us all in tears (or was that just me?) Enjoy!




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