Erin + John’s Cathedral Park and Occidental Brewing Microadventure Engagement

When we were trying to come up with ideas about what to do for their engagement shoot I asked them to think about hobbies or things they like to do together. She laughed, “all I could think of was beer”. Ahhhhh, a girl after my own heart! So we met up at the Kruger Farms Produce stand in St. John’s and headed over to Occidental Brewing where John helped me find the first German style beer I can honestly say I loved. We wandered around the area which is an unusual and beautiful mix of old homes and old industrial buildings and ended up at the park across the street. We found some fun spots, using the architecture and landscaping to our benefit and I got the chance to play around with my new Polaroid camera while they sipped whiskey. They were such great sports as I pushed them to be a little more “posey” than they ever would do naturally and lucky for us that led to a lot of perfectly brilliant images of them laughing their asses off.

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