Cristina + Matt’s DIY Steampunk Wedding Reception at Champoeg Park

Many years ago I met Matt via craigslist. I was looking for a buddy who liked to drink and liked to draw and was fun to hang out with. Matt fit the bill more than perfectly and we became nearly inseparable for a couple years after that. My friends always asked “what’s the deal with you guys” but Matt was the brother I never had and we spent a lot of time between costume parties, tech gadget nerdery, afternoon long drawing sessions on the patios of our favorite bars, sharing our hopes for the future, the memories of our past and the gratitude of each other’s friendship after bad dates. Being friends like that,  I knew it would take someone as freakin awesome as Cristina to really catch his eye. She was everything he knew (and didn’t know) he needed and I’m glad his mom was persistent in introducing them! Over the following years, I met G and we moved a few hours away and my inseparable friendship with Matt turned into sporadic facebook comments as we got busy with our own lives. Needless to say I was overjoyed at the news of their getting married and they celebrated their day by getting hitched in a hot air balloon at sunrise (of course they’d go the EPIC route!) then joining friends and family at Champoeg State Park for a Steampunk themed reception!

Be sure to check out the awesome photobooth props which were made by the couple utilizing their incredible costume making talents and the lovely paper lantern sendoff! Congrats Matt + Cristina!!


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